DXD Group

A Smart Approach to Optimised parking

The right intelligence, gathered in the right way, informs systems that promote efficient usage of car parks to the benefit of both drivers and operators.

Internet Connected Road Safety Technology

Road safety electronics centrally managed online. Our systems simplify tasks such as traffic statistic collection and managing reduced speed limit schedules associated with School Safety Zones.

Variable Message Sign Contol

Enhance parking revenue with dynamic LED signs driven by remote vehicle counting equipment, queue detectors or schedules.

Hospital Parking Systems

Multiple hospitals sites connect car park assets to Capture - Our online cloud platforms for highways and parking assets.

Shopping Centre Visitor Screens

Improve parking space search time, improve public perception, increase visitor satisfaction.

Airport Drop-off Parking Bay Monitoring

DXD provides the software solution for international airport drop-off zone serving upwards of 100,000 vehicles per week.