Parking Guidance System for Hospitals

Parking Solutions for NHS Trust & Health Centres

Provision of parking facilities at NHS Hospitals and other Health facilities is an ongoing and growing bone of contention for both management and users. Parking availability and charges impact on both staff and visitors, creating stress, worry and ongoing financial concerns for both the Trust and individuals.

Much of the stress caused by parking is avoidable. NHS Trusts need to make the parking experience as painless as possible by providing real-time information on parking availability, charges and policy, sources of financial support, and the availability of passes, permits or season tickets for regular users. Providing these improved parking facilities can help with the ongoing challenge of minimising the cost and frequency of missed and late appointments.

Management need to understand exactly how car parks are being used to effectively manage and maintain this important estate asset and revenue stream. That’s why better car park management and visual guidance for drivers around parking zones is key to making the parking experience smoother and less time-consuming for everyone, ensuring patients, visitors and staff locate the nearest available space quickly and efficiently.

For many sites, additional security and payment facilities are required, and working alongside strategic partners in these areas, we can offer a comprehensive service-based proposition and an improved car parking user experience for all.

Indoor and Outdoor Marketing Screens

DXD also provide indoor and outdoor screens for healthcare marketing applications.

Hospital Parking Systems

Multiple hospitals sites connect car park assets to Capture - Our online cloud platforms for highways and parking assets.

Shopping Centre Visitor Screens

Improve parking space search time, improve public perception, increase visitor satisfaction.

Airport Drop-off Parking Bay Monitoring

DXD provides the software solution for international airport drop-off zone serving upwards of 100,000 vehicles per week.