Software Development

Custom API design, development and integration

DXD can help you integrate your products and services with third-party web apps or standalone web interfaces via new or existing APIs.

Security and availability are at the heart of our API development services. Whether you have a public API that exposes your system infrastructure to third parties, or your application communicates with an external source, our experienced API developers can open open up your systems to a whole new world of possibilities.

  • Monitor and control your remote hardware via the internet
  • Create value-added services for you customer via existing data
  • Capture Connect your products to allow advanced online reporting and management

Custom API Development in Newcastle

DXD develops specialised APIs for new and legacy enterprise applications. Our APIs facilitate access to application data, functionality and business logic, as well as web services.

We create RESTful APIs for desktop, mobile, and cloud apps, web sockets, browsers, databases.

We're base near Newcastle, in the North East, but provide our API development services to companies all over the UK.

Custom API Integration

We emphasise networking best practices when integrating and implementing original, open-source and third-party APIs. We can interface disparate business systems and processes, add web service functionality to existing applications and synchronise data across applications.