Variable Message Signs

DXD has partnered on a  significant number of car park guidance schemes across the UK, both city-wide and stand-alone. Systems are designed to allow for the seamless integration of further equipment and capabilities.

Our cloud-based Capture software, offers the features a RESTful API or simple interface to control signs, detectors and car park counters. Features and benefits:

  • Simple integration of variable message signs and counting equipment
  • Stand alone systems designed to meet your exact requirements
  • Variable message signs with large viewing angle free-matrix or character-matrix displays
  • Easily removable modular design
  • Communications media appropriate to any requirement
  • Seamless integration of further equipment and capabilities
  • Total control through Capture traffic management software, a user-friendly cloud-based package, accessible on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Car park occupancy counting using a range of methods: underground loops, interface to barrier, ultrasonic detector
  • User-friendly presentation of advanced reports provides meaningful, understandable intelligence